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Nome Stefano
Città Milano
Paese natale IT Italia
Corrente del paese IT Italia
Sesso Uomo
Lingua Madre EN Inglese
IT Italiano
Lingua da praticare EN Inglese
RU Russo
ZC Cinese (Cantonese)
RO Romeno
SV Svedese


Telegram XXXXXXX
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Hi!! Im Stefano from Italy! I consider myself a serious person, but also sincere and respectful, inclined to dialogue. I also have a cheerful character (a little sweet, a little romantic). I am good-tempered, sociable, and have sunny disposition. Originally from Parma, I live in Milan (Italy), where I work in the legal field.

Interested to make NEW FRIENDSHIPS, only women please (age non important), for improve English, learn swedish, russian, chinese. Friendships that can then lead to SERIOUS AND LASTING RELATIONSHIP.

Interessato a fare nuove amicizie, per migliorare l'inglese, imparare lo svedese, il russo, il cinese. Amicizie che possano poi sfociare in un rapporto serio e duraturo (QUINDI SOLO DONNE PLEASE).

ALSO INTERESTED IN LANGUAGE EXCHANGE IN ITALY. I can help in Italian (native speaker), in English (up to intermediate level and conversations); I need to improve: English (intermediate level up), Romanian, Swedish, Russian and Chinese language and culture.

INTERESSATO ANCHE NELLO SCAMBIO DELLA LINGUA IN ITALIA. Posso aiutare in italiano (madrelingua), in inglese (fino a livello intermedio e conversazioni); ho bisogno di migliorare: inglese (livello intermedio sopra), rumeno, svedese, lingua e cultura russa e cinese.

Hobbies: sailing, swimming, golf, chess, biking, horse riding.
During my free time I dedicate myself to free teaching English for children / teenagers. From the basic level to the intermediate level.
I prepare English videos for inclusion on my youtube channel (recently created) dedicated to school assistance. To conduct this type of activity (English language lessons) I am looking for support by mother tongue or people with English at least medium level.

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Nome Stefano
Città Milano
Corrente del paese IT Italia
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