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Lingua Madre :  Spagnolo
Hi! I'm Ignissu. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like learning new languages, watching anime, playing video games and making friends, so feel free to chat with me here or on Discord/LINE/Twitter. If you are interested in learning Spanish or English, feel free to add me to Discord! We can talk and learn together with other people. The goal is not to lose the habit of writing or speaking in another language and to make friends. If you have Steam it makes it more fun, we can play a bit I guess! I hope you have a nice life<3
Lingua Madre :  Bulgaro
Hello, My name is Djanan. I'm 29 years old and I live in in Bulgaria. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English, Japanese, Sign Language (Korea), Turkish and Sign Language (International). I'd be happy to help you to learn Bulgarian in exchange.
Lingua Madre :  Arabo, Arabo
Lingua da praticare :  Lingua dei segni (Stati Uniti)
Hello, My name is mustafa and I live in Cairo, in Egypt. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (USA). I'd be happy to help you to learn Arabic and Arabic in exchange.
Lingua Madre :  Arabo, Inglese
Lingua da praticare :  Lingua dei segni (Turchia)
Hi am Sara, I speak Arabic and English fluently and I want to learn the Turkish language. I will be glad if you can help me learn Turkish and I will do my best if you want to learn Arabic or English
Lingua Madre :  Tedesco, Altro
Hi I am Nick, I am from Germany and I would like to meet new people here to chat and train/learn languages and know more about other cultures. I am a native German speaker and my English ok/good. I would like to help you with German if you like :) Best Regards Nick
Lingua Madre :  Arabo, Arabo
Hello, My name is Adel Tebina, I live in Algeria, I am 43 years old, I have a PhD in law specializing in international law, and a trainer in human development, I speak Arabic fluently and a little French, I am looking for friends who help me in learning English. My motto, learning the language is the key to success.
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese, Lingua dei segni (Stati Uniti)
I'm shady shehat aziz from Egypt speak arabic well. And I am here to improve my English language by practice and I am ready if someone want to speak arabic . And about my hobbies , l love to play football. So I'm here to exchange the language.
Lingua Madre :  Arabo
Hey whoever who's reading this o(*^▽^*)┛ I just want to practice English and Korean language. thank you for reading my description !!
Lingua Madre :  Tedesco, Estone
Hello, my name is Laura, I am 15 years old and I live in Germany. I like to play violin, travelling, cooking, reading and painting. I am very interested in languages, I can also talk a bit in russian and am learining spanish since 6 month. I also speak fluently estonian language. I would like to improve my english, spanish and russian skills. I also want to learn french. I could help you to learn german. I am looking forward to finding an english, spanish, russian or french speaking girl. Auch würde ich gerne die deutsche Gebärdensprache lernen.
Lingua Madre :  Inglese
Hello, My name is Maddy and I live in in Canada. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (USA), Sign Language (Canada/Quebec), French, Korean and Arabic. I'd be happy to help you to learn English in exchange.
Lingua Madre :  Arabo
Hello, My name is al khatib. I'm 24 years old and I live in in Jordan. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study French, Korean, Sign Language (Turkey) and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Arabic in exchange.
Lingua Madre :  Giapponese
Hi! I'm Hana from Japan. I like to enjoy talking, sing songs, watch movie and Japanese anime, and exercise. I would like to raise our motivation and improve language skills each other!
하이요 ^^ 저는 99년생이에요 그리고 터키 사람이고 터키에서 살아요. 한국어 영어 할줄 알아요 근데 당연히 완벽하게 아니에요 그래서 같이 공부할수있는 친구 찾고있어요 같이 공부하고 친구 됐으면 좋겠어요... 반가워요 메세지를 기다리고 있어요 Hello Im 22 years old from Turkey and I'm living Turkey. I know Korean language and English but I want to improve my languages... I'm looking for friends who can study with me ^^ こんにちは トルコに住んでます 日本語を学びたい あなたと友達になりたい メッセージを送ってくれた
Lingua da praticare :  Cinese (Mandarino)
Still learning Mandarin and love to keep on learning. 🙂 Im looking for someone who also want to have language exchange.
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese, Tedesco
Hello everyone! This is Hayat from the South East Morocco, i’m 25 years old and i’m a graduate of biology and i recently finished my diploma in health care. I would like to exchange languages and to share likes and hobbies. My hobbies include sports, hiking, long walks, photography and enjoying books and movies. I’m a Berber, French and Arabic native speaker so don’t hesitate to hit me up, i will be happy to help you. Prenez soins de vous!
Lingua Madre :  Russo
Hey! My name is Maria, I am from Russia. I have been studying English for many years now and I am looking for a person with whom I can practice the language. We can chat or call several times a week. If you want to learn more about Russia or practice English together - feel free to write! Also with great pleasure I will help with Russian language! Especially if you want to improve your speaking skills :) I'm not a teacher!!! But someone you can practice with))) At the moment I am learning Korean - but I am a beginner. I will be glad for any help! 안녕하세요, 제 이름은 마리아입니다. 나는 러시아이고 한국어를 배우고 싶습니다.감사합니다. Привет всем!) Меня зовут Мария или просто Маша. Буду рада помочь с русским языком, поэтому смело обращайтесь. Буду признательна любой помощи с английским, корейским!
Lingua Madre :  Inglese, Francese, Giapponese
Hello, My name is William, I am French and I just moved to Kaohsiung. I am looking for native speakers in Mandarin and Japanese. I am a beginner in Mandarin. My Japanese level is pretty advanced but I still want to practice and improve my level as I would like to get the JLPT N1. See you soon. 初めまして、 ウィリアムと言います。フランス人ですが、高雄市に住んでおります。日本語か中国語のネーティブと言語交換をしたいです。 現在、日本語レベルは交流ですが、7月に日本語能力試験N1を受けてみたいので日本語の練習したいです。 よろしくお願いします。 ウィリアム
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese
Hi.I’m Sho. I’m from Japan. I’ve been living in Vancouver for a year and half. I’m looking for a person who have a interest in language exchange with me.I started to learn English with the aim of opening my own restaurant in Canada.Also I promised my close Filipino friends that I’m going to visit Cebu again and talk about lots of things with them. I have plenty of motivation to speak English with you.In addition to this, I’ll definitely make an effort to teach Japanese to you.Let’s improve our second language together.Thank you.
Lingua da praticare :  Lingua dei segni (Regno Unito)
Hey. I'm Nicole. I'm from Slovakia. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. Feel free to write me.
Lingua Madre :  Arabo
I am a student. I have studied at university. My languages English, Spanish and French. My favorite hobbies are painting, reading, watching movies, sport and cooking.