Profilo di Sofia2006


Nome Sofia
Città Brescia
Paese natale IT Italia
Corrente del paese IT Italia
Età 15
Sesso Donna
Lingua Madre ES Spagnolo
FR Francese
IT Italiano
Lingua da praticare ZO Cinese (Altro)
EN Inglese
ZH Cinese (Mandarino)
KO Coreano



Hello my name is Sofia. I am an Italian-language student. I speak Italian, Spanish and I study English and French. The reason why I have been here is to make friends and learn English, Korean and Chinese very well. So if you could teach me, I would really be happy.... I'm a beginner of the Korean and Chinese languages ( I would like to learn well, I love your cultures and K-pop K- dramma...) and in return I can teach you Italian and Spanish

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