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Lingua Madre :  Inglese, Filippino (Tagalog)
Lingua da praticare :  Giapponese
Hey there! I'm Jannie, from the Philippines, and I'm currently in Japan for studies! I'm studying international relations, major in Japan studies. I like reading books and watching movies. Looking forward to talking to you! はじめまして!フィリピンのジャニです。留学生として日本に来ました。 国際社会学部で勉強してます。 趣味は本を読むことと映画を見ることです。よかったら仲良くしてください。
Lingua Madre :  Giapponese
I was born and raised in Osaka and am living in Fuchu, Tokyo. I born in 1961 then am middle aged man. I started learning Chinese Simplified and Traditional from early June, 2018. I am a beginner. But I am Japanese middle aged man then I know a lot of 漢字. For examples, to eat in Chinese(S) is 吃, this 漢字 is simplified from 喫, 喫 is used in Japanese such as 喫茶, 喫食. I have found only I need is jus have to write for memory 汉字 and pinyin. It does not have to need to write the translation in most case. I think Chinese people is struggling with かな. But I can explain you to understand Japanese expression include かな by 汉字 as well as possible and you could find similar experience with 日本語 like I met 汉语 like that. Let's exchange Language with me. Japanese learner who is familiar with 漢字 might know 「こそあど」言葉. It means this/that/that/what. It can be written 此其彼何. Now you can get it !?
Lingua Madre :  Singalese / Sinhala, Tamil
Lingua da praticare :  Giapponese
Hi, I'm a university student at a university in Tokyo. I'll be staying in Japan for more than 3 years continuously. I'm a fluent speaker of English. I can help you to improve your English in exchange of Japanese. About my hobbies, I like to watch movies, playing bowling and sight seeing.