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Lingua Madre :  Arabo, Tedesco, Inglese, Francese
Lingua da praticare :  Tedesco, Inglese
Hello Everyone, i am Walid I would like to improve my German and English speaking skills, and at the same time meet nice people, with whom i can share a lot of memories. I would also love to help people, who are seeking to learn Arabic or French and even basics of the German or English language. So Comeee and let's talk
Lingua Madre :  Tedesco
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese
I heavily rely on English but get to talk much less than I would like to. I am trying to better my conversational speaking, grammar and work on my accent. Ideally, I would like to talk face to face with people but video chat is also possible. I would call myself well educated and Ofc I am fluent in my native language, too 😜
Lingua Madre :  Tedesco
Lingua da praticare :  Giapponese, Coreano, Inglese
Hello friends. I'd love to learn and practice some new languages. If you know japanese or korean, or just wanna have a nice chat in english, feel free to contact me :) We will have a fun time !
Lingua Madre :  Azero, Persiano, Turco
Lingua da praticare :  Creolo haitiano / Haitiano, Inglese
Hi everyone I can teach Turkish, and I want to improve my English language.
Lingua Madre :  Arabo
Hello everyone I am Monzer And I live in Germany I want to lern german to stidy there