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Lingua Madre :  Cinese (Mandarino)
Lingua da praticare :  Ceco
Hi, I come from China and work in Prague, and i am learning Czech by myself, so need someone help to practice my Czech. i can offer Chinese if you want to learn Chinese, please contact me. :) Thanks Judy
Lingua Madre :  Coreano
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese
Hello, My name is Jiyoung and I live in in the Czech Republic. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Korean in exchange.
Lingua Madre :  Ceco, Inglese
Lingua da praticare :  Spagnolo
Hi there, my name's Matej, I'm a (working) student, I'm from the Czech Republic and I love languages! Currently I speak English and Czech on a native speaker level + fluent German but most of all I'm just starting to learn Spanish and I would love to meet someone to chat with! I'm still somewhat of a beginner but you gotta start speaking right away, right?! :) I love traveling, movies, music, and lots of other things! I can help you with English or Czech and would love some help with Spanish! Hope to meet some friendly people here :)
Lingua Madre :  Ceco, Inglese
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese, Coreano, Francese
Hello, I'm Anna and I'm from the Czech Republic. My native language is Czech, but I can communicate fluently in English. I am studying French as part of my university studies and I just started with learning Korean language (so I am a beginner). I would like to make some international friends and to get to know more informations about other cultures. Also I can help you with Czech/English and give you some tourist tips when traveling to Czech Republic/Prague! Do not hesitate to contact me!
Lingua Madre :  Ceco, Russo
Lingua da praticare :  Tedesco
Hallo.Ich bin Anna.Ich studiere Deutsch.Ich spreche auf Russisch und Tschechien. Ich kann Ihnen mit Russisch aber Tschechisch helfen.Ich werde gerne,wenn helfen Sie mir mit Deutsch.
Lingua Madre :  Tedesco
Lingua da praticare :  Ceco, Spagnolo
Hello, My name is Marie. I'm 21 years old and I live in in the Czech Republic. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Czech and Spanish. I'd be happy to help you to learn German in exchange.
Lingua Madre :  Ceco
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese
Hello, I am an eternal beginner in English, but I want to change it. Is there anyone who wants to make contact? I'm interested in books, movies, fitness, healthy lifestyle and yoga. I live in a wine region, so I like wine. White wine :-)
Lingua Madre :  Russo
Lingua da praticare :  Ceco, Inglese
My name is Eva. I want to learn Czech language for my life in Czech Republik. I would like to find someone who can help me with it.
Lingua Madre :  Ceco, Francese
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese, Spagnolo
Hello! My name is Marianne, I am a french-czech girl, currently living in Prague. After having taught two years in Spain and one year in Canada, I work in Czech Republic as a French teacher in the Ministry of Interior. I would like to help someone with his French in exchange for English/Spanish :-)
Lingua Madre :  Inglese
Lingua da praticare :  Ceco
I am a recently retired high school math and science teacher, who is now living in Prague to study Czech at Charles University for two semesters! This has been my dream, since my first visit to the Czech Republic in 2002. I have my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, and I have taught conversational English in the Czech Republic during the summers of 2012-2016 at the International Summer Language School in Plzen. Most of my students were young adults and university students who were there because they wanted to learn English. I really enjoyed my time teaching there. Most of my friends here in the Czech Republic are younger than I am, which keeps my attitude and outlook on life positive. The past two summers I have lived in Prague instead of teaching. I am excited to be "living the dream!" I would be happy to practice English with you in exchange for torturing you with my bad Czech. ;-) There are so many wonderful places in Prague to meet up for a chat and a pivo, let's do it! :-)