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Lingua Madre :  Slovacco
Lingua da praticare :  Tedesco, Inglese
Hello! My name is Lucia and I will be glad to talk with you! ☺ I would like to improve English language. I look forward to hearing from you.
Lingua Madre :  Slovacco
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese
Hello, I am Simon and I would like to improve my English. In return I offer Slovak language :) I am open to every type of conversation. ..I am student of computer science, I like playing to the piano or guitar, traveling, reading a books, science.. My email is and facebook Šimon Horvat. Feel free to contact me ! :)
Lingua Madre :  Russo, Ucraino
Lingua da praticare :  Inglese, Francese
I am a PhD student in Slovakia, my subject of studying is chemistry. I am living in small but very beautiful city on the east of Slovakia near Ukraine. My hobbies are hiking, music, reading and very rare hand-made;) I speak Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, English. I want to learn French for practical reasons so I would be very happy if somebody who speaks French is interested in language exchange with me.
Lingua Madre :  Ceco, Inglese, Slovacco
Lingua da praticare :  Spagnolo
Learning language, Argentíne spanish
Lingua Madre :  Slovacco
Lingua da praticare :  Giapponese, Cinese (Mandarino), Coreano
Hi there.I'm 17 y.o. girl from Slovakia. I would like to learn Korean because of my interest in a culture of this country. But I'm interested in other languages and cultures too. I'm quite good in English and almost professional in Czech. If you want to learn Slovak, I'll do my best. But I'm not here only for learning languages. I would also like to find a person with deep thoughts. I want to know how differently are people thinking in other parts of the world and know their opinion and view of global issues. In short my interests are psychology, philosophy, religions, politics, art, music, astronomy, reading books and magazines (mostly nonfiction and poems) watching movies and series and so on. Have a nice day :)